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Vivoo Insider Talks with Esra

This week, we have Esra, our dietitian at Vivoo as our guest on Vivoo Insider Talks! She has been working at Vivoo for about three years and has contributed greatly to the advice structure of the Vivoo App. 

Let's hear what she has to say about her wellness journey and Vivoo!

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1) Can you introduce yourself in a few sentences? 

Hello, I am Esra! I’m a part of the wellness team working as a dietitian.

Aside from nutrition, one of my other biggest passion is clinical health knowledge and expressing it through technology. Since I was a child, I have spent much time in nature thanks to my mother. With this, and the knowledge, I acquired from science-technical journals: "Technology inspires nature," I have created a life that is the perfect blend of health knowledge, nature, and technology.

Outdoor sports are my way of being, especially in the mountains. I enjoy feeling the adrenaline released from my body. Nowadays, I am interested in competitive sailing. I, too, am curious about what my next sports adventure will be. I guess time will tell. 

2) What do you do at Vivoo, and how long have you been with the company? What do you like about Vivoo?

I've been working at Vivoo since 2020. I take part in developing the wellness information (e.g., advice) and structure you receive as a result of your tests.

I have struggled with nutrient malabsorption for four years, and I know the classical laboratory processes take too long to produce results. However, Vivoo is always by my side. It gives me instant feedback on my body's wellness and warns me if something is wrong. Even though I work at Vivoo, I can’t express how much I love the product as a user.  This technology and its ease of use are truly excellent.

3) Can you describe your daily routine? 

I usually get up very early. My first job is to take care of the plants in my house. Then I take a little walk outside while listening to music or podcasts.

When I get home, I prepare a nice breakfast. This is my most important meal of the day, and it helps me regain my energy. If I have time, I watch inspirational videos like TED talks or podcasts; then, I start working.

Evenings are mostly spent with my friends. When I'm alone, I like to take long city walks, watch people, and guess their life stories.

4) What is your favorite wellness routine that you are obsessed with these days?

I am amazed at the impact of psychology on physical wellness, and I witnessed this very closely during my hospital internship. For this reason, I can say reading about the relationship between psychology and the body, analyzing how our habits affect the body (sleep, eating patterns, etc.), and working on managing it.

5) What is one tip you would give to someone who wants to start leading a healthier lifestyle?

Clean eating. Less processed food means more fresh food, more home cooking, and more access to nutrients. This eating habit significantly supports bowel and liver health, and the impact of these two vital organs on daily life is incredible.

6) What is your favorite thing about Vivoo as a product? 

I'm sure we've all had some type of test done can be urine, blood or stool testing. However, making sense of the results may not be possible for everyone. Vivoo does this. It makes sense of raw biological output and gives users actionable advice to improve themselves. This is great.

7) How regularly do you test with Vivoo? 

Usually every 2-3 days. However, it sometimes becomes more frequent. Especially when I realize something is wrong with my gut and eating habits. Vivoo is my biggest helper in managing my nutrient malabsorption. Thanks to it, I've never seen the worst.

8) How do you generally score on your Vivoo test? What is your top score to date? 

Daily essential nutrient intake is crucial for me. I plan all my meals ahead of time. In fact, I regularly keep a record of food consumption. For this reason, it is usually above 8. My highest score ever is 9.7.

9) We know that you love all the wellness parameters on the Vivoo test. :) But which one is your favorite and why? 

I have a special admiration for all of them, but my favorites are water and ketone. I generally get good scores on these, but on some days, I slip, and Vivoo is here to help when that happens. For example, I increased my coffee consumption a little bit, but my water consumption could not compensate for it, leaving me dehydrated. Fortunately, Vivoo was there to warn me about my low hydration levels.

10) What is your biggest motivation that keeps you testing? 

Overall, body wellness promotes a clear mind and physical well-being. This is the cornerstone of all my daily social activities and work. Catching and maintaining this optimal level of wellness is my biggest motivation. 

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