Choose Your Character, Unleash Your Inner Athlete!

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Choose Your Character, Unleash Your Inner Athlete!

One of the main principles of a healthy life is “exercise.” Instead of doing short-term exercises for specific goals, you should make it a long-term habit that you enjoy doing. Our character influences all of our choices, therefore it affects our daily routines and our whole lifestyle. Choosing your exercises according to your characteristics will be the most beneficial step for you when developing an “exercising habit” for a healthy life.

Are “individual sports” or “team sports” better for your motivation?

The people who prefer the individual sports concept are individuals who are in intensive communication with other people during the day and are in need of hearing their inner voices and focusing on themselves. Individualistic people who work on computers and have minimum contact with their colleagues prefer team sports. They are preferred for socializing, communicating, and a little bit of friendly competition.

Individual Sports

My advice for the people who prefer individual sports; would be cardiovascular exercises such as yoga, reformer pilates, exercise with a trainer, local strength exercises with a partner or solo, swimming, jogging, walking, cardio cycle. The individual exercises in which the person concentrates on herself/himself, and physically strengthens while he or she is relaxing.

Team Sports

My advice for the people who prefer team sports is group exercises. For example, spinning, mat pilates, dance-aerobic, etc. Jogging groups, functional outdoor exercising groups, all team sports that can be played with co-workers or close friends. For example, volleyball, basketball, football, etc. and moreover squash, tennis, Crossfit.

For your preferred method of exercise, you should first see an expert and make sure that you are healthy enough for this exercise. Planning your exercises in advance as a part of your week will give you discipline and stability. The exercise program you prepare should include weight training for muscular strength. Cardiovascular exercises that support your cardiovascular system (jogging, walking, swimming, etc.). And restful exercises to relax and stretch all body muscles (yoga, stretching, pilates, etc.) equally.

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