How to Slow Down Period Flow with Home Remedies?

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How to Slow Down Period Flow with Home Remedies?

About half of the world’s population menstruate once a month for more than half of their lifetimes. As a result, it is one of the most prevalent shared experiences on the planet! 

Nevertheless, each individual’s menstrual cycle is unique.Some may experience longer periods due to some illnesses. For example, someone with anemia may experience heavier periods, as heavy blood loss can result in lower blood levels in the body.

But if you’re not anemic and/or have already discussed with your doctor the possible reasons for why you might have a heavy flow, you can consider trying some home remedies to help you soothe the symptoms that come with having a heavy flow while on your period. Here are 5 nutrition tips that can help you get through your period: 

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5 Natural Ways To Manage Heavy Periods

 While it is always best to consult your doctor first, you can try several home remedies that might help soothe or halt lengthy and heavy periods. Here are some pointers:

Increase Your Vitamin C Consumption

Vitamin C may naturally help reduce the effects of heavy periods. Vitamin C actively promotes iron absorption in the body that prevents you from becoming anemic. 

There are a variety of foods that can help you get enough vitamin C through your diet, whether that be citrus fruits or tomatoes. 

If you suspect that you're not getting enough vitamin C, then you can turn to Vivoo for help! The Vivoo at-home urine test is a perfect way to see whether you need to increase your vitamin C consumption. Get real-time data on your boy’s vitamin C levels in just 90 seconds without having to take a blood test! Our registered dietitians and nutritionists will then equip you with personalized advice on how you can increase your vitamin C levels.

Iron-Rich Foods

Your body needs iron to generate hemoglobin, a protein that aids the red blood cells in transporting oxygen throughout the body. When you bleed, you inevitably lose iron, so having  extremely heavy periods on a regular basis can deplete your body's iron stores, resulting in iron deficiency anemia.

So if you’re thinking about what to eat while on your period, here’s an easy and delicious answer: eat iron-rich foods! Lean beef, chicken, turkey, beans, and leafy greens are all packed with iron, so try making meals with these foods the next time you’re on your period. 

Drink Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has anti-spasmodic effects that can relieve the painful cramps associated with heavy periods. It can also help control the effects of dopamine and serotonin, which can help offset or at least reduce the impact of the symptoms of depression. Try drinking 1-2 cups of chamomile tea at different times of the day if you have a painful period.

Stay hydrated

Because your estrogen and progesterone levels are low during your period, your body retains water, which can make you feel bloated or cause cramps. When you’re on your period, drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day to stop bloating and cramps in your body and maintain your blood volume. You can also drink mineral water to balance the minerals in your body that go into your bloodstream. 


Magnesium is a mineral that helps regulate 600+ enzyme systems in your body. Some of the important roles of magnesium include helping with protein synthesis, supporting nerve function, controlling your blood sugar,  as well as reducing anxiety or insomnia, to name a few! Magnesium also may prevent menstrual cramps by relaxing the smooth muscle of the uterus and by reducing the prostaglandins that cause period pain. So start boosting your magnesium levels the week before your period starts to reduce the effects of a heavy and painful menstrual cycle.

If you want to know your magnesium levels, you can try Vivoo’s at-home tests! Check your magnesium levels regularly and get personalized advice from our expert dietitians and nutritionists on how to raise your low levels of magnesium.


Other Tips for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Besides home remedies and therapies that prevent lengthy periods, you might be looking to make your monthly period a more comfortable experience. You can try these tips to make your periods more manageable:

Menstrual Cups are little silicone cups that are inserted into the vagina. They capture all of the blood that flows from the uterus during your period, and can even capture more blood than a pad or tampon. You don’t feel a thing after they’re inserted inside, making it incredibly comfortable to use. It is also reusable and environmentally beneficial by reducing pad and tampon waste. Make sure 5o sterilize them every time at the start of your period before you start using them.

Period panties protect your clothes from leakage, but did you know that you can even wear some without using a pad or tampon? They are also more comfortable than period pads or tampons.

It's also worth avoiding strenuous activity and getting plenty of rest. To keep your skin moisturized, drink lots of water and avoid alcohol dehydration. 

If you have heavy and/or lengthy periods on a regular basis or for an extended period of time, consider consulting a healthcare professional. 

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