3 Basic Steps to Start Your Own Sexual Wellness Journey

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3 Basic Steps to Start Your Own Sexual Wellness Journey

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So you have started your wellness journey, and all of your efforts towards understanding, balancing and growing a healthy lifestyle are starting to pay off. Everyone's journey is different and should progress according to their needs in both physical and emotional wellness. But did you know that your sexual wellness is important, too? Let's take a look at three basic steps for starting your sexual wellness journey.

1- Know Your Body and What It Needs 

The first, and most important, a step towards starting your sexual wellness journey is to know your body and its needs. We all have a desire to know and grow. As our knowledge expands, we become more confident. 

Think about the time you spend understanding your sexual wellness. If you feel like you have been procrastinating, it is probably the right time to try to discover it. First, try to expand your knowledge about your body parts; their anatomy and their functions. The more you learn about them, the more confident you become. “Together with, here’s the link of an online book we suggest you take a look.”

As you learn about your body, your growing confidence will allow you to become more creative when responding to your sexual needs. The challenge is not to hesitate, but to try new methods with yourself. Discover what pleases you sexually. 

2- Take Care of Yourself  in Your Sexual Wellness Journey

The second step to sexual wellness is all about making time to take care of yourself. There are different methods you can practice to increase it.

The most well-known physical activity for both men and women is Kegel exercises. Introduce Kegel to your daily routine and you will see an increase in your sexual performance. These exercises are all about tightening your pelvic floor muscles. 

Another non-pharmacological practice is yoga. Yoga is well-known for increasing your mental wellness, but it has actually been shown to improve your sexual wellness, too. The ancient Ayurvedic yoga (ayus=life, veda=knowledge) texts claimed that yoga is a useful method for treating sexual dysfunctions. Take a look at the following articles describing yoga as an effective way to increase sexual wellness; Yoga in Female Sexual Functions & Yoga in Premature Ejaculation

3- Communicate to Grow Sexual Wellness

The best way to grow sexual wellness awareness in a relationship undoubtedly requires partners to mutually respect and honor each other's safety. Moreover, couples can sometimes drift from a healthy relationship environment to one where they start to intimidate each other. The crucial part here is to admit the discomfort caused by this drift. The discomfort can be emotionally, physically, or mentally challenging for you, but it is time to start talking with your partner. Communication is the key to both your mental and sexual wellness. 

If you are interested in learning more about strengthening your relationship, we reading at “Mindful Relationship Habits” by S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport. The book suggests practices for couples to grow a deeper connection in ways that honor each other's safety. In this way, you can start enjoying intimacy without discomfort. Begin exploring each other's needs and start a respectful sexual wellness journey. You and your partner will be glad you did.


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