Feeling Irritable and Intolerant of Others

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Feeling Irritable and Intolerant of Others

Irritability and intolerance are conditions that tend to occur simultaneously. While irritability involves being angry or frustrated over even the littlest of things, intolerance is finding it difficult to accept or cope with people’s behavior, beliefs, and attitudes.

Once you get irritable, you are likelier to lose your patience with the people around you. As much as everyone occasionally experiences feelings of irritability, it could also indicate an underlying health condition. If you have a recurring irritability condition, it’s best you see your doctor.

This could negatively affect your daily life, and it could also destroy your relationships with people. Once you’ve shown yourself to be quite intolerant of people, avoiding you may be the next thing they’d do.

Irritability may be a symptom of a number of health problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, stress, bipolar disorder, premenstrual syndrome, dementia, autism, and insomnia, among many others.

Irritability and intolerance

Irritability can lead to behaviors and feelings such as:

  • Frustration/ annoyance
  • Being intolerant of others
  • Fatigue
  • Short temper
  • Confusion/ finding it difficult to concentrate
  • Tension
  • Increased breathing
  • Faster heartbeat rate

However, you should know that people who are experiencing irritability won’t exhibit all these behaviors at the same time. They may feel alright one minute, and the next, they flare up at the slightest provocation.

Their reaction may seem out of proportion to the situation that prompted the response. This reaction could create further tension in the individual and also result in stress.

Being intolerant of others can arise from being irritable. However, there

How to Identify Irritability

If you have recurrent feelings of irritability, it’s best you see a doctor or mental health expert. During a private session with your doctor, he’ll ask several questions such as how frequent the symptoms tend to manifest.

You’ll also be asked how severe the symptoms are, your medical history, and your lifestyle habits. There’ll be a number of lab tests done to detect what could be responsible for your irritability condition.

So, if you are having recurrent symptoms, ensure you see a doctor before it worsens.

What Causes Irritability?

Many things can bring about irritability. People experience irritable moods once in a while and that’s normal, but for those that have a recurrent irritability condition, it could be an indication of an underlying mental condition.

The causes are:

  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Stress
  • Pre-menstrual syndrome
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Treatment of Irritability

To treat irritability, there must be a diagnosis given by a doctor first. However, to relieve irritability conditions, you could start with symptomatic treatment. See a doctor be sure about how to treat this condition.


Can I Be Intolerant without Being Irritable

Yes, you can. As much as being intolerant of others can arise from being irritable, there are other reasons that could cause you to be intolerant of others. You don’t have to suffer from irritability before being intolerant.

Other causes of intolerance include:


Being fanatical is a strong driving force towards intolerance. When you are involved in a political or religious conversation, and you are unable to argue without taking your line of thoughts to the extreme, you may lose your patience with the person you are conversing with after a while.

The idea of seeing things your way all the time and not trying to see things from someone else’s perspective can surely cause you to exhibit intolerant behaviors toward others.


Pride and arrogance can also make you feel your way of doing things and your line of thought are superior to others. That way, you see every other people’s beliefs as lesser than yours. People who are full of pride hardly see things from other people’s perspectives as they feel they are above others and are superior in every way.

Pride can also bring about intolerance. People who see others as lesser than themselves find it difficult to accept and cope with their concepts, and beliefs.

What Are The Indicators of Being Intolerant?

Psychological Rigidity:

If you find it very difficult to accept the notion that people might hold different philosophies and perspectives, you may be down that road of intolerance. The world doesn’t need such rigidity, you know. Co-existing with others will be next to impossible.

Being a know-it-all:

If you have the attitude of always claiming to know it all in every conversation, it’s a sign that you don’t regard any other person’s knowledge or line of thought. Thus, you are intolerant as well.

Extreme Jealousy:

An intolerant person finds it difficult to accept the success of others. This makes them feel uneasy, especially if the beliefs and philosophies of others (which the intolerant person is against) are responsible for their success.

They have a hard time owning up to their mistakes and making corrections as well. 

Tips on How to Build Tolerance for Others

Irritability and intolerance

Put Yourself in the Shoes of Others:

The first step to being tolerant of others is to try to put yourself in people’s shoes. Change your perspective. Try to understand why people act the way they do, and why they hold certain philosophies and beliefs.

This will definitely make you see ample reasons why the world is peopled with different practices, perspectives, and ideologies. This will also make you respect people’s stances on things like this.

Practice Patience:

Try being patient with the aspects of people’s life you disagree with. This will help you build tolerance for others. As much as you are trying so hard to cope with these disagreeable aspects, try not to lose your patience with them.

You also hold traits and beliefs that people don’t subscribe to. So, try to have the resolve to tolerate people different from you. No matter how likable you are or believe yourself to be, there’ll always be someone out there who will be annoyed by your way of life.

Practice Humility:

Being humble will ensure you build tolerance for others easily. Try to practice it. Pride will only drive people away from you. You aren’t the best of everyone, and neither are you the worse. 

Try to cultivate tolerance with these tips. Moreover, if you are having recurrent feelings of irritability, ensure you see a doctor.

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