Negativity Harms Your Body, Your Mind and Unfortunately, Your Life

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Negativity Harms Your Body, Your Mind and Unfortunately, Your Life

  • I like myself just the way I am.
  • I am satisfied with my body, I do not need to change anything in my body.
  • I have a sense of balance in my life, I feel comfortable and my work does not stress me out.
  • I feel that I take care of myself very well.

If at least one of the statements above is true for you, then you do not need to read the rest. If none of these expressions fit you, I would advise you to continue reading the article.

How Emotions Affect Your Health

The relationship between mind and body is stronger than we thought. Most of the experts nowadays think that negative emotions and stress are some of the main causes of all diseases. The habit of thinking negatively also contributes to the endless cycle of chronic stress, which has a profound effect on our lives. Under chronic stress, your nervous system loses its balance. The nervous system balance between the sympathetic system and the parasympathetic system is now shifting to the sympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic system helps you to rest, sleep, digest, and to heal, while the sympathetic one activates your nervous system’s “fight or flight” response. Chronic stress makes it very difficult for you to rest and feed your body by keeping you angry.

There are many studies showing that emotions affect not only your mind but your whole body.

When you are angry, for example, your body is stressed, your digestive organs become hardened, your heartbeats accelerate, and your chin and facial muscles strain. When the stress is chronic it leads to a danger signal which blocks the blood flow to your brain, your immune system and your digestive system. In this case, blood flow turns to your legs for escaping from danger. So your digestive system cannot function properly, your immune system cannot protect you, and your brain cannot think clearly. Well, if negative emotions and stress affect your health so much, what should you do?

It is Necessary to Get Rid of Negative Emotions for Body and Mind Integrity

According to the studies investigating the link between body and mind, our mental state affects our sickness or healing. Many of these studies show that anger, stress, fear, jealousy, hatred, and hopelessness weaken the immune system, cause illness and premature aging. Negative emotions are weakening your health and its proved scientifically. You must first get rid of the effects of these negative emotions in order to protect or regain your health.

For the integrity of your body and mind, you need to get this chronic emotional burden off your mind as soon as possible. You should look closely at your lifestyle, your daily choices, and your thinking habits for this.

Stay with health and love.

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