On Being A Woman – The Complexity of Self-Love

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On Being A Woman – The Complexity of Self-Love

Since the beginning of time, women have always had difficulties falling in love – with themselves. The love women have to share has materialized worldwide, resulting in incredible leaders, artists, and entrepreneurs. But in many cases, there has been something missing: self-love.

Women need to overcome the self-made obstacles they put in front of them that prevent them from succeeding in their goals, whether self-doubt, low self-esteem, or a lack of mantras that get them through the day. Let's start making a difference today! Let’s talk about love and the power of womanhood! 

To experience  the benefits of being a woman and break down the challenges women globally face, here are some steps you can take in your journey to revolutionize your life:

Stop worrying about what other people think – whether you are striving for your dream job or trying to improve your health – try your best to silence the voice in the back of your head telling you, “what would people think?” Be confident in your freedom to make your own choices in life!

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Comparing yourself to others won’t work – womanhood is about embracing and celebrating the differences between women that make every person unique. Remind yourself that you are an incredible individual that can live life to its fullest without ever needing to compare yourself to other women. Appreciate your own unique and unforgettable journey on its terms.

Let go of all the toxicity in your life. Whether it is a person you are involved with, a situation that is making you uncomfortable, or a position that someone is putting you in at your work, remember that you always have the option to let go and leave. Leave the situation you are in, leave the friend who always talks about themselves, or leave the relationship hurting you. You are strong enough to remove yourself from anything that harms you more than reasonable.

Making mistakes is a part of the process – try to relieve yourself from the pressure of being perfect. Though we all know that nobody is perfect, it is sometimes hard to believe it. Loving yourself means embracing yourself fully, including any mistakes you have made in the past or will inevitably make in the future! Remember how far you have come in life, and give yourself a break when you feel like it is getting too overwhelming without being hard on yourself. Perfection is overrated. Anybody can make mistakes, including you. 

Appearances aren’t everything – give yourself a gift this International Women’s Day – the gift of self-confidence! While today’s world might be overly preoccupied with appearances, do not let that get to you. There is more to every person under the surface. Love every inch of your body and dress any way you want because, after all, it is what’s inside that counts the most. Your value lies in your soul and mind and not how you look. Learn to love yourself and all of your so-called flaws because they are what makes you perfect!

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Diminish the voice of fear in your head – by learning more about yourself; you will better understand the concern that can sometimes overwhelm you and prevent you from taking steps in the right direction. Try processing and addressing your fears, one at a time. This will put you on the right track to loving yourself fully.

Make daily practices of loving yourself a habit – try introducing some daily rituals and traditions that will help you get to where you want to be in life. Incorporate a routine that you will follow every day. These routines don’t have to be elaborate, as long as they work for you. Take a 5-minute break to stand in front of a mirror, release the tension in your shoulders and forehead, and admire yourself for who you are. Focus on your breathing and remind yourself that you are here, alive, and ready to overcome any obstacle that may come your way. Trust your ability to make the right decisions in life.

Make self-love a constant in your life – last but not least, the most difficult one to achieve is loving yourself fully and unconditionally. Yes, we know that this process is long and filled with many obstacles. And yes, we are also aware that it takes a lot of strength to delve into yourself and make these changes. But make a promise that you will always love yourself – starting from this year’s International Women’s Day and all the days ahead!

Every woman deserves to feel her self-worth and live life with their eyes wide open, embracing and overcoming everything that comes her way. We can only hope that the advice here will help you achieve what you want – loving yourself.

What have you done in your pursuit of loving yourself? Share your experiences and tips for other women in the comments below!

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