Did You Know That Calcium Deficiency Can Cause Fatigue? 

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Did You Know That Calcium Deficiency Can Cause Fatigue? 

Calcium and Tiredness

There is no doubt that calcium is an essential mineral for your body. It helps build bones and aids the growth and development of your muscle functions.

Calcium plays a vital role in the human body. If you are deficient in calcium, you might experience fatigue, lack of energy, or weakness.

How does calcium deficiency cause fatigue?

Although the symptoms of calcium deficiency can vary from person to person, fatigue, insomnia, and lack of energy are all common symptoms of low calcium. If you don’t have enough calcium in your body, you might end up experiencing low bone mass, muscle cramps, muscle aches, numbness, and fatigue. These conditions inevitably worsen when calcium levels dip further. In fact, calcium deficiency can eventually lead to insomnia or other sleep-related problems. This, in turn, affects your daily life by leaving you feeling light-headed or dizzy on a regular basis. 

calcium for fatigue

Recommended Daily Calcium Intake 

The daily recommended intake of calcium varies from person to person. For example: 

  • Women between ages 19-50: 1000 mg of calcium
  • Women between ages 51-70: 1200 mg of calcium
  • Men between ages 19-70: 1000 mg of calcium

Many people often find it difficult to reach the daily recommended amount of calcium. To address this, calcium should also be taken with a considerable amount of vitamin D, as it can help the body better absorb calcium.

What Makes a Calcium-Rich Diet?

Calcium is mainly found in the foods you eat. Here are some ideas on meals that are rich in calcium that you can have for breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner to help you reach your required daily calcium intake:  

For breakfast: Cheese and Vegetable Omelet. Cheese is a great source of calcium and is very filling. Eating a veggie omelet with cheese for breakfast ensures that you obtain calcium from many kinds of foods, whether it be from the eggs, cheese, or vegetables you use. If you are looking for veggies high in calcium for the omelet, try cabbage, kale, or mustard greens, as they are all rich in calcium.

For lunch: Grilled chicken and navy bean-kale salad. It’s both fillings and will help you get enough calcium because navy beans and kale are both calcium-rich foods. Put them together in a salad, and add some cheese for good measure to skyrocket your calcium intake.

calcium for fatigue

For dinner: Whole grain pasta and steamed broccoli with yogurt. It’s a delicious dinner idea for increasing your energy. By steaming the broccoli, you are more likely to retain its nutrients like calcium. Combine it with yogurt to top it off for all the calcium you need! 

For a snack: Yogurt. It is not only one of the best sources of calcium, it’s delicious! Try topping off your cup of yogurt with almonds and berries to make it more tasty and nutritious.

Final Thoughts

Calcium is an essential mineral in the body. Being calcium deficient can make you more vulnerable to experiencing fatigue and tiredness. To avoid these problems, be sure to eat foods rich in calcium. It is a great way to stay energetic, as well as strengthen your bones.

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