Here are 5 Energy-boosting Smoothies for You

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Here are 5 Energy-boosting Smoothies for You

Vivoo Nutrition Team

In terms of living a healthy lifestyle, nothing beats keeping a natural diet. Smoothies are special drinks you can use to give your body what it needs.  You can make yourself great, energy-boosting smoothies using the same fruits and veggies that you usually consume and adding in whatever else suits your taste.  

In this piece, we’re going to highlight 5 energy-boosting smoothie recipes. So, sit tight while we show you an easy way to satisfy your sweet tooth and benefit your health.

Vanilla Protein Smoothie

vanillia smoothie

The Vanilla Protein Smoothie makes for our first item on the list!  It’s super fruity and creamy, and it contains about 25% of your daily protein needs.  The protein isn’t from some powder, but fresh, real ingredients.

Given its great taste, you may mistake it for a delicious and creamy vanilla milkshake!  However, it's anything but! This is a protein-packed smoothie, and the large version can give up to 50% of your body’s daily protein needs.  It can be a perfect meal replacement, dessert, or workout snack. This is an anytime treat!  


Greek Yogurt:  This ingredient brings the bulk of the protein for this smoothie,  and it contains probiotics to improve gut health. 

Banana:  This brings in another level of ‘sweet’ and creaminess to the brew.  Bananas also provide a rich source of potassium.

Frozen Pineapple:  This juicy fruit adds a dose of sweetness and gives body to the smoothie. 

Milk:  Throwing in a little milk will make it even creamier!

Vanilla:  This is the finishing touch! It touches all the other flavors and brings them together.

Chia Seed Smoothie

chia smoothie

This type of smoothie is as healthy as it is tasty.  It contains fiber, protein, and antioxidants. These properties are instrumental in eradicating free radicals and building your immune system.  More so, it is also energy-boosting. 

It is fruity, tasty, icy, and healthy! 


Frozen strawberries:   The smoothie gains great taste and texture from this fruit.  However, they can be substituted with blueberries, blackberries, and the likes. 

Banana:  As usual, this ensures a notably great taste and smoothness.

Ice:   This is a must.  It makes the smoothie ice cold and fluffy.

Greek Yogurt:  This ensures the tasty blend has enough protein content.

Milk:  Any milk goes. You can use oat milk, almond milk, or whatever else you can find out there.

Honey:  This will come in handy to sweeten the mix and fulfill the role of any added sugar. 

Chia Seeds:  And the final ingredient that names the entire blend!  This amazing addition adds a touch of nutty flavor and additional nutritional benefits like necessary protein and fiber. 

Greek Yogurt Smoothie 

yogurt smoothie

If you are looking to get a protein-packed smoothie that’s also full of creaminess and fruity flavor, look no more, you have arrived at the right spot!  One sip and you can already feel your taste buds yelling for more! This cup of awesomeness is made with Greek yogurt, ice, strawberries, mango, banana, fresh lemon juice, and milk to keep you full for hours.  Oh, SO GOOD! 

Whether this is your first smoothie or not, you are certainly going to enjoy every single sip.  It's simply YUMMY!  If you’ve never had a banana strawberry smoothie, this is the one to try!  You’ll be glad you did. 


Greek yogurt:  This provides the smoothie with a creamy texture.

Milk:   Helps it to blend properly.

Ice:  Add some for amazing fluffy frothiness.

Frozen mango:  Sweetness is on a totally different level when berries are paired with mangoes. You can also use frozen peaches or pineapples to achieve this.

Banana:   This contributes to its creaminess and adds a final dose of sweetness.

Fresh lemon juice:   Lemon juice helps to amp up all the flavors.

Strawberry Blueberry Smoothie

strawberry smoothie

This smoothie is a blend of all the amazing flavors. Its trifecta of ingredients gives the best creamy, fruity, and tropical taste.  It has lots of fiber and protein, and you can also add chia seeds or protein powder if you want to.  Cinnamon was added to give it a little complexity.  You need to try this because it is like nothing you have ever tasted! 


Blueberries: Frozen berries have always been great when it comes to smoothies. They are easy to store and they add the perfect icy texture.

Banana:  This gives the exact creamy texture that the smoothie needs.

Greek yogurt:  This adds protein and helps to improve gut health.

Milk:  You can use any type of fresh milk you like. 

Ice:  This is added for a fluffy and frothy texture.

Maple syrup:  This adds to its sweetness.  You can substitute it with agave or honey syrup.

Cinnamon:  Add a dash!  This is used to amp up the flavors. 

Oatmeal Smoothie 

oat smoothie

Here’s another way to indulge in this rich whole grain.  With a unique blend of oats, peanut butter, and banana, this recipe brings us a flavor like a sweet bowl of oatmeal!  It can be prepared for breakfast or a very satisfying snack.  It will leave you with a boost of energy that will last a while. 


Old Rolled Oats:  When making the oatmeal smoothie, make sure to use regular old oats. Using steel-cut oats is not ideal because its hard texture makes it quite difficult to blend. 

Frozen Pineapple:  This gives the blend the right icy sweetness!  Throw in a considerable amount.

Greek Yogurt:  This gives the blend lots of protein. 

Milk:  Ideally, use fresh milk or plant-based milk.

Vanilla:  This flavor touches every ingredient and is found in each sip.

Cinnamon: Because cinnamon is always AMAZING in oatmeal!

Ice:   ICE COLD is the perfect way to indulge in this smoothie! 

Final Thoughts 

You could try these healthy smoothies for a refreshing, energy-boosting experience. They will keep you energized during a long day at work or after a strong workout or exercise, but they are perfect for any time! 

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