What Is High Metabolism, How Can You Boost It?

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What Is High Metabolism, How Can You Boost It?

High metabolism is often associated with weight loss, but it's much more than that! Metabolism is the process by which your body converts food into energy. A higher metabolism means that your body can convert food into energy more efficiently. While some people are lucky enough to have a naturally high metabolism, there are things that you can do to boost your metabolism. Learn how to speed up your metabolism, or if you’re lucky to have a high metabolism already, learn how to gain weight with your fast metabolism.

What is a fast metabolism?

Having a fast metabolism is often thought of as a good thing. After all, who doesn’t want to be able to eat whatever they want without gaining weight? However, a high metabolism can also be the source of the problem. People with a fast metabolism often have trouble gaining weight. So, what affects your metabolism rate? And what exactly is a fast metabolism?

The rate of metabolism varies from person to person, and it can be affected by factors such as age, sex, muscle mass, hormonal balance, diet, activity level, or genetics. People with a high metabolism burn more calories while at rest than people with a low metabolism. As a result, they may need to eat more calories to maintain their weight. Conversely, people with a low metabolism may find it easy to gain weight, even if they are not eating any more than a person with a high metabolism.

How to get fast metabolism?

If you've ever been told that you have a slow metabolism, don't worry – you're not alone. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight. Here are five simple tips for speeding up your metabolism. 

  • Use Protein to Boost Metabolism: Protein helps reduce muscle loss when dieting and makes you feel full by reducing the production of hunger hormones. Since the most effective way to increase the metabolic rate is to increase muscle mass, eating foods high in protein can help increase the rate at which your body burns calories, leading to more efficient weight loss. So if you're looking to boost your metabolism, try having chicken or fish instead of chips. Your body will thank you for it.
  • Drink more water to boost your metabolism: Water aids metabolism and is extremely effective for weight loss. Drinking water automatically reduces your calorie consumption, helping in weight loss. Drinking half a liter of water increases your metabolism by 10 - 30% within an hour.
  • Exercise at a High Intensity to Increase Metabolism: High-intensity workouts involve resting for a period followed by a period of high-intensity exercises, such as interval training. This type of workout helps burn fat and increases your metabolic rate.
  • Lifting More Weights to Improve Metabolism: Muscles accelerate your metabolism more actively than fat. As a result, workouts that build muscle speed up your metabolism. This means you're burning more calories every day, even when you're sleeping.
  • Green Tea for Metabolism: Drinking green tea or oolong tea can boost your metabolism by 4-5 percent. These teas convert the body's fat stores into fatty acids, resulting in burning fat more quickly when combined with exercise. People who consume fewer calories and drink teas such as green tea or oolong tea find it easier to lose and/or maintain a healthy weight.
  • Get enough sleep to boost metabolism: One of the leading causes of obesity is a lack of sleep. Insomnia hurts metabolism, causing you to gain weight. Aside from that, a lack of sleep prevents your body from giving the right response to insulin hormone, which eventually leads to insulin resistance.

But be careful! It’s also good to keep in mind the things that you might be doing wrong that slow down your metabolism. Read more to learn: 6 Common Mistakes That Slow Down Metabolism.

How to gain weight with a fast metabolism?

If you're someone with a fast metabolism, you probably get a lot of compliments on how "lucky" you are. And while it's true that having a high metabolism has its benefits, it can also make it difficult to gain weight. If you're struggling to add some pounds to your frame, here are a few tips that may help:

  1. Eat more often. When you have a fast metabolism, your body burns through calories quickly. To keep your weight up, you need to consume more calories than your body is used to. Eating smaller meals more often can help you reach your goal.
  2. Choose foods higher in calories. If you're trying to gain weight, you need to consume more calories than you burn off each day. To do this, focus on eating foods that are high in calories and nutrients, such as nuts, seeds, avocado, and oils. These foods will help you reach your calorie goals without filling you up too much.
  1. Exercise smart. While exercise is important for your overall health, it can also support your weight-gain goals. If you have a fast metabolism, working out too hard or too often can actually make it harder to gain weight. To maximize your efforts, exercise at a moderate intensity and focus on exercises that target your larger muscle groups.

By following these tips, you can achieve your desired weight despite your fast metabolism. Remember to be patient because gaining weight takes time, even if your metabolism works against you!

Benefits of fast metabolism

A fast metabolism has several benefits, including

  • maintaining a healthy weight by burning more calories
  • increasing your energy levels and reducing fatigue
  • improving your immune system functions
  • reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

All of these benefits make for a fast metabolism, an important aspect of your overall wellness.


It’s always important to know what's going on with your body before making lifestyle or nutritional changes. Many people experiment with various diets without ever attempting to understand how their body works. However, the solution is much more simple! Building a few simple but effective eating habits that are best for your metabolism, all while improving your fitness, is the way to go.

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