5 Calcium Boosting Recipes for Lunch and Dinner

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5 Calcium Boosting Recipes for Lunch and Dinner

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Calcium is an important mineral for our health. The body needs calcium for several functions, such as having strong bones, blood clotting, and muscle contraction. Calcium needs vary according to age. For adults, calcium needs are 1,000 mg/day. It’s important to consume foods rich in calcium in order to meet your needs.

Delicious Meals that can be Thrown Together in no Time!

1) Orange and Rocca Salad

Calcium: 225 mg/serving

Rocca- This green leafy vegetable is nutritious and high in calcium and fiber. The perfect base to this salad- add a generous amount.  The fiber content leaves you feeling full for hours.

Feta Cheese- Originating in Greece, it’s known to contain more calcium than any other cheese. Add feta cheese on top of your salad and enjoy the tangy, rich, and salty flavor.

Orange- A popular fruit packed in vitamin C, antioxidants, and other nutrients. Add fresh slices to the salad.

Pour an easy-mix salad dressing on top: honey, olive oil, garlic, and some orange juice.

2) Salmon Provencal Salad

Calcium: 260 mg/serving

salmon for calcium

Green Leafy Vegetables- Packed with lots of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Good source of calcium and fiber, and low in calories. Focus on selecting kale, spinach, collard, and Rocca, and add a generous amount to the salad.

Salmon- Popular fatty fish loaded in omega 3. It is known for its high protein and calcium content. Season the salmon with salt and pepper. Add it grilled to your salad.

Salad Dressing- Mix Caesar dressing with lemon juice. 

Garish- Top it all off with olives, caper, and a piece of toast.

3) Tofu with Fried Noodles

Calcium: 300 mg/serving

Tofu- Plant-based protein, rich in calcium. Adds valuable content to your meal. Bake it for this recipe and bring out its sweet and nutty flavor.

Mixed Vegetables- Green Beans,  mushrooms, peppers, and green onion.  Sautee everything together.

Egg Noodles 

Sauce- Mix together oyster and your favorite sauce and toss with the egg noodles.                                   

4) Collard Greens Soup with Beef

Calcium: 450 mg/serving

calcium soup

Collard Greens- A superfood that boosts your immunity because it is rich in many nutrients and minerals including calcium, and vitamin A. Add it to the soup to increase the nutritional content.

Chickpeas- Plant-based protein that is rich in calcium and other minerals and nutrients. 

Beef- Great source of proteins and vitamin B12. Use lean beef and cook with chickpeas.

Mix together the ingredients and enjoy the nutritious and satisfying soup at lunch.

5) Spinach Fatteh

Calcium: 317 mg/serving

Spinach- Extremely nutrient-dense vegetable. Packed with high amounts of calcium, folic acid, and iron. Best consumed cooked. Boil it and add it to a heat-resistant pan.

Beef- Great source of proteins and vitamin B12. Use lean beef.

Yogurt: High sources of protein, calcium, vitamins, and probiotics. Aids in digestion, and is good for bones.

Fatteh bread

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