10 Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50

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10 Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50

Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to shower your loved ones with love and affection. But it can also be a bit of a challenge to find the perfect gift, especially when you're on a tight budget. Don't worry, you don't have to spend a fortune to show your significant other how much you care. Here are 10 creative Valentine's Day gift ideas that are all under $50.

A romantic scavenger hunt

1) A romantic scavenger hunt

Plan a romantic scavenger hunt for your loved one that takes them to various locations that hold special significance in your relationship. End the hunt with a surprise gift or a special outing.

2) A custom-made playlist

Create a custom-made playlist of songs that carry a special meaning for you and your loved one. It's a unique and personal gift that they can listen to whenever they want to feel close to you.


3) Vivoo

Fall in love with wellness! You can spread the love by gifting Vivoo, a urine test that provides personalized wellness tips based on your body’s unique needs. You and your loved one can now build a better lifestyle! After all, the couple that Vivoos together stays together!

4) Where Should We Begin - A Game of Stories

Make Valentine's Day extra special by gifting your loved one Where Should We Begin - A Game of Stories, a game that will deepen your connection through the power of storytelling and over 200 conversation prompts.

5) Mindful Meditation Kit

Surprise your loved one with a Mindful Meditation Kit for Valentine's Day and give them the gift of inner peace and self-discovery.

sex journal

6) A Sex Journal For Couples

Spice up your Valentine's Day with A Sex Journal For Couples, a journal that helps couples explore their desires and improve their sexual relationship. Give your partner the gift of intimacy and self-discovery!

7) Date Night Ideas

Craving some new adventures with your special person? How about a set of Date Night Ideas Scratch Cards? They’re perfect for keeping the spark alive and trying new things together.

8) Wellness Massage Cube

Show your loved one how much you care by giving them a Wellness Massage Cube, the perfect gift on Valentin’s Day for promoting relaxation and wellness.

fortune cookie kit

9) Make Your Own Fortune Cookies Kit

Add a unique and personal touch to your Valentine's Day celebration with a Make Your Own Fortune Cookies Kit, the perfect gift for creating sweet memories and custom messages with your loved one.

10) Omytea Porcelain Tea Set

This handmade vintage-style Japanese tea set is perfect for spending quality time with your loved one. Warm your taste buds and your hearts with this amazing tea set.

In conclusion, Valentine's Day doesn't have to be expensive to be special. Not only are these gift ideas all under $50, they’re also thoughtful, creative, and romantic, and will show your loved one just how much you care. Get creative and come up with something unique and special - it will make the day even more memorable.

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