International Women’s Day: Importance for Us

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International Women’s Day: Importance for Us

Who is your role model?

This is a question we hear a lot in our daily lives. It’s a question that makes us think, dig deep, and is borderline existential.

Who is truly your hero?

What if your hero is YOU?

The person who gets up every day, looks in the mirror, and decides to keep going with goals that you’ve set for yourself no matter what?

The woman trying to stay healthy while maintaining a body-positive outlook and finding the motivation to keep going
despite the plateaus, slips, and bad days?

What if this level of empowerment comes from within to help you maintain a balanced outlook into body, mind, and emotional wellness?

As a group of women founders who worked so hard to strike that balance, that’s exactly how we define wellness at Vivoo. And that’s how we would like you to start viewing it, too.

We want wellness to be personal. Because, we understand that the body, mind, and emotions of an empowered woman vary in definition and practice from one woman to another.

We insist that wellness is not just about finding the right diet or losing pounds. It’s about taking control of your health, being proud of your body, and being motivated to move on. Even when you think you’ve slipped.

Wellness, just like empowerment, is a journey that we all take very personal routes to fulfill. That’s why Vivoo is here for you. To help you fulfill this journey, live your best life, and enjoy each moment to the max. We’re here to support you in your decisions to take charge of the one thing you have full control over. That combination of your amazing body, unique mind, and empowered emotions that will help you get the most out of life.

Today, on International Women's Day, we celebrate the amazing you, the empowered you, the one, and only you. As a group of women scientists and business professionals who decided to break the generic stagnation of health and wellness advice,
democratize it, and take it to the next level of personalization, we wish you and all the women in your life a very happy

International Women’s Day.

In health, empowerment, and prosperity,

Your Vivoo Team

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