National Hydration Day | June 23  

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National Hydration Day | June 23  

Aiming to raise awareness of hydration, June 23rd is National Hydration Day in the United States. Our body needs water to survive, especially during summer. The water you take in regulates your body temperature, bowel movements, and enhances skin health. When your body lacks and needs water, you are dehydrated. It can lead to kidney stones, fatigue, and skin and gut health problems. Sustaining the water in your body is vital, which is why you should consume plenty of water, especially on hot days. On this National Hydration Day, let’s understand the importance of water and hydration for our body and change our habits in a healthy way.

Hydration is one of the most important processes for your body to function. Cells, tissues, organs, and systems all need water to work properly. Hydration of the body primarily occurs by drinking water. Other ways you can hydrate your body are by drinking liquids and eating foods with high water content. The water you consume throughout the day carries nutrients to cells and clears toxic material and metabolic waste from cells.  As you take in water, some of it is lost by sweating or excretion, and your body balances the water in you.

Importance of Hydration

Water regulates essential functions in your body, and hydration helps to:

-Balance body temperature

-Lubricate joints

-Reduce the risk of infections

-Increase sleep quality

-Excrete toxins out of the body

-Have better brain function

-Enhance healthy skin

-Absorb more nutrients

-Make you energetic

-Speed up weight loss and toxin removal

Daily Needs for Adults

Nearly 60% of our body consists of water, and it's very important to sustain this level. The Food and Nutrition Board recommends women drink 91 ounces and men drink 125 ounces of water on average. There are many other factors that affect your water consumption, such as body mass, age, the climate you live in, and physical activity. Generally, it is best to listen to your body, but you can use some calculations to see the precise amount you need for your body and activity level. 

How to Calculate Your Daily Hydration 

There are several factors (like age, body weight, and activity levels) used to calculate your optimal daily water consumption. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Divide your weight (in pounds) by 2.2- that’s your weight in kilos.

2. According to your age, multiply this number by:

      40- If you are younger than 30

      35- If you are between 30-55 

      30- If you are older than 55

3. Divide this number by 28.3

That number is how many ounces of water you need to drink. You can also divide this number by 33.8 to see your optimal water intake in liters.

When you exercise, your body needs more water than your daily amount because you lose more water when you sweat. It’s advised to drink an additional 12 ounces for every 30 minutes you exercise:

  1. Divide your exercise minutes by 30.
  2. Multiply by 12. That’s the additional water you need to drink in ounces.
  3. Add this number to your previous daily consumption in ounces.

National Hydration Day can be a guide for you to see your precise water needs allowing you to adjust your water consumption.

Water’s Effect on Metabolism

Hydration and metabolism are the two essential processes for our health. We all know that increasing our hydration will help us to become healthier and lose weight easier, but how does it happen? Metabolism is the overall term for the chemical reactions in our bodies that keep us alive, and this system needs water to function. When you become dehydrated, your body can’t create or burn energy, and metabolism slows down. When you hydrate your body, glucose transport restores and insulin sensitivity increases. The good news is that these factors, overall, enhance weight loss. 

Some research showed that drinking 0.5L of water (approximately 17 oz) increases metabolic rate by 30% for a period of time. The elevation starts in 10 minutes and peaks after 30 minutes. Approximately 100 kj energy is used in order to heat the water you drink from room temperature to body temperature. 

Learn Your Hydration Level by Vivoo

Vivoo knows the importance of water for your body, which is why it gives insight on yourhydration level. The body’s water balance shows the difference between water loss and intake based on urine specific gravity. Your kidneys are responsible for water balance. They can produce more or less urine according to your hydration level. Vivoo determines your hydration level based on the concentration of the urine. You can change your daily habits to optimize your water intake. On National Hydration Day, if you want to give a gift to your body, you can try Vivoo and make some positive changes for your health.

How to Hydrate More

-Drink water after you wake up. This will make a fresh start for your body.

-Keep a water bottle in your sight.

-Choose sparkling water instead of sugary sodas.

-Increase your vegetable and fruit intake, especially the ones with high water content.

-Add cinnamon, lemon, mint, or fresh fruits to your water to have a different taste.

-Keep track of your water consumption. You can use apps that will keep you motivated.

-Drink water when you feel hungry since sometimes thirst can be confused as hunger.

-Celebrate National Hydration Day by drinking water.

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