Home Health-Testing Kits Help You Understand Your Body’s Needs!

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Home Health-Testing Kits Help You Understand Your Body’s Needs!

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Technology never ceases in its astounding advancements of making things quite simple and it has made direct-to-consumer health and wellness tests easily accessible to all, in and out of the medical industry. The privilege to get the test results in seconds, days or weeks is now available.

Isn’t it great? Home health testing emerged in the ’70s, starting with pregnancy tests. Now it has extended to many other at-home testing options.

In this blog, we’re looking at the benefits of having home health-testing kits and how they can help you understand your body’s needs faster.

Benefits of having home health-testing kits 

Home health-testing kits are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a convenient and affordable way to test for various parameters. While some people may be hesitant to use these kits, home testing kits have many benefits. These are;


Not everyone can afford to miss work for an hour-long drive followed by a lengthy wait to see a doctor, and that is why at-home testing is more convenient. In some cases, you are not required to leave your home. Order your test online, take it home, and either send the sample away for analysis or get the results in seconds.

With such health-testing kits nearby, it will be quite easy to conduct tests like magnesium, protein, vitamin C, and ketone. These home health-testing kits act as a support system and help in warning you if you are walking away from your optimal wellness. 

If you are keto dieting, for example, you can check your ketone levels easily and within seconds. This is quite handy as it will help you know the next step to take. It’ll help you know what your body really needs to recover from such conditions.  

Checking your wellness regularly:

Home test kits are also beneficial in helping people with chronic health problems manage and keep their conditions in check. 

Home health-testing kits are quite essential as they help you keep tabs on your overall wellness. If you are suffering from low vitamins, for example, home test kits help you to test your levels faster and regularly.

Gives insight into your wellness

While it's always a good idea to see a doctor if you suspect you have a serious medical problem, using home health-testing kits to see if you're deficient in vitamins and minerals can be a quick way to learn more about your body. This type of testing can then help you make informed decisions about whether you should change your diet or take supplements for any nutrients you are deficient in.

The types of home health-testing

Depending on what you want to test, there are many at-home tests out there for different functions ranging from vitamin tests to STD tests or even DNA ancestry tests. Depending on the test, it will require a specimen such as urine, breath, saliva or urine. 

If we were to take magnesium tests, for example, there are various ways of testing it at home! 

Here are three different ways you can check your magnesium levels: 

  1. Blood tests - An at-home blood test will require you to prick your finger and ship the sample to a lab. Collecting your own blood can be uncomfortable and results take 2-3 weeks to come, which is a long wait.
  2. Urine tests - this is the most convenient way to check your wellness in the privacy of your own home. Urine can provide you with information about yourself. You can choose from a wide variety of at-home urine test brands to get tested. They will generally ask you to urinate on the strip then check your color changes with a color chart. This can be hard to interpret because an exact match is not always seen to the color chart.
  3. Smart at-home tests: Vivoo is an at-home urine test and App that provides real-time data on 9 wellness parameters (including calcium, vitamin C, magnesium and much more), gives you personalized advice so you can improve your results, and saves you time and effort of reading your own results!

How to properly store home health tests?

Follow the instructions on the package for where and how to store the test kit. Many tests must be properly stored because they are sensitive to changes in humidity or temperature.

Have you ever gotten home health-testing kits? How did it go and what did you do with your results? Comment below! 

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