Vitamins For Your Urinary Tract Well-Being

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Vitamins For Your Urinary Tract Well-Being

The Importance of A Well-Balanced Diet For Your Urinary Tract

The urinary tract and its optimal functioning is something that affects everyone. The bladder is a hollow organ that resembles a balloon and is situated in the lower belly, and it is responsible for storing urine. 

After the body has extracted the nutrients it needs from the foods and liquids we consume, the body excretes the remaining waste and excess fluid as urine. Adults excrete around 1.5 quarts of urine every day through the bladder. 

To maintain the overall well-being of your urinary tract, you need to reduce your consumption of certain nutrients, as well as avoid certain meals and beverages. Some people who experience problems in their urinary tract report that certain meals and drinks, such as sodas, artificial sweeteners, spicy foods, citrus fruits and juices, and tomato-based foods worsen their symptoms. Therefore, to support your urinary tract, it’s important to first think about making changes in your diet.

The Essential Vitamins 

Urinary Tract

Vitamins are regulatory and resistance-enhancing compounds found naturally in different foods. They support cell regeneration and energy production. 

The majority of vitamins cannot be synthesized by the human body. However, having an adequate and balanced diet can help you easily meet your vitamin needs. 

Here are some vitamins that are important for the well-being of your urinary tract and some suggestions for increasing your intake of these vitamins:

Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps the immune system by increasing the synthesis of antimicrobial proteins which destroy the cell walls of microorganisms. Some studies suggest that being deficient in vitamin D can make you more prone to problems in your urinary tract. Vitamin D boosts your immune system, which is important for managing urinary tract health.

The main source of vitamin D is contact with the sun, but it is also present in a few foods, including:

  • meat
  • egg yolks
  • vitamin D-fortified foods - such as various fat spreads, and morning cereals
  • oily fish - such as salmon, sardines, herring, and mackerel

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a  fat-soluble vitamin found in a variety of foods. It helps protect cells from free radicals due to its powerful antioxidant impact. Vitamin E helps strengthen the immune system, and thus has a great influence on whether you experience any problems in your urinary tract.

Vitamin E is a group of compounds present in many foods, like: 

  • Plant-based oils present in cereals and cereal products, such as rapeseed (vegetable oil), sunflower, and olive oil
  • nuts and seeds
  • wheat germ

Vitamin C

vitamin c

Vitamin C dissolves in water and protects cells from free radicals with its powerful antioxidant impact. It promotes proper immune system function that safeguards our bodies from sickness. However, vitamin C also helps flush out harmful bacteria found in the urinary system to maintain the well-being of your urinary tract.

A wide range of fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C, such as:

  • citrus fruits (Choose other sources of vitamin C if they bother your urinary tract.)
  • peppers
  • strawberries
  • potatoes
  • Brussel sprouts
  • blackcurrants
  • leafy greens

Will Vitamins Change The Color of Your Urine?

You may be wondering if vitamins can change the color of urine. The answer is yes. Urine should normally be light yellow. However, certain factors can impact how urine looks and smells. For example, excess B vitamins –especially vitamin B2 or B12– in the body can turn urine bright yellow. Bright yellow urine could reflect any multivitamins or B vitamin supplements you've added to your diet. Don't worry; this change in color is harmless. However, if your urine is bright yellow and you're not taking supplements, perhaps the unusual color is a result of medications you're taking or foods you're eating. Another culprit for that, a bright yellow color, is dehydration–aka not drinking enough water.

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