Vivoo Advice Structure Guide

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Vivoo Advice Structure Guide

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Nutrition Specialist, Esra Kozan

When you take a Vivoo test, you're not just getting results based on 9 different parameters; you are also unlocking a world of personalized recommendations tailored just for you! In this blog, we're here to guide you on how to navigate and make the most out of Vivoo's advice structure. Let's explore together how you can optimize your well-being with Vivoo's expert guidance:

  • How Does the Recommendation System Work?
  • What Can I Do After I Receive Advice?
  • How Do I Make the Most of Vivoo's Advice System?
  • Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Recommendation System Work?

After taking a Vivoo test, the Vivoo Application analyzes your results across nine key parameters: vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, sodium, oxidative stress, pH, hydration, ketones, and proteins. Once this analysis is complete, it offers personalized lifestyle and nutritional advice for the areas where urine parameters require improvement.

Additionally, personalized meal recommendations are tailored to your eating habits and, if applicable, your chronic disease condition. These recommendations include a meal suggestion for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack, along with an additional informative tips to support your well-being.

All this happens in just 90 seconds!

What Can I Do After I Receive Advice?

All your advice will be listed in the "Advice" tab, after the test analysis process is complete. Apart from that, you can see the relevant advice under the "Improve Your Result" in each parameter’s details page on the "Home" tab.

Each type of advice has its own dedicated detail page. When you click on an advice card, you'll find nutritional information and reference links related to that information on the page.
You can conveniently identify the recommendations associated with specific parameter results on the “Advice” page by checking the top left corner of the “Advice Card”.

To make things simpler, it's a good idea to prioritize recommendations labeled with red (e.g., Magnesium: Low or Protein: Weak). These suggestions are specifically tailored to improving that particular parameter result.

In addition to receiving recommendations to improve specific parameters based on your test results, you'll find personalized dietary recommendations prepared for you, categorized under tags like “Lunch, Dinner, Snack,” and more on this page.

To make the most of the recommendations, all you need to do is follow the given advice until your next test. You can easily mark them as “Complete” within the app. If you can't do them right away, you can set a reminder for yourself on a convenient day and time using the reminder feature. (Note: Don't forget to enable Vivoo app notifications to fully utilize this feature.)

If you find that you can't carry out a recommended advice, you can simply click the "Can't do" button and specify the reason for canceling it.

Your Advice completion progress is at the top of the advice page. You can also follow here.

To make the most of Vivoo and improve your test results and wellness, follow these recommendations throughout the week you take the test and complete all advice within the app. Afterward, you can take a new test.

Vivoo's advice algorithm adapts based on your "Completion" and "Can't do" preferences. The more actively you use it, the better our algorithm gets to know you, providing increasingly personalized and suitable recommendations each time.

Aside from Vivoo's Advice Feature, you also have access to Welly: Your Smart Wellness Assistant, ready to assist you. Welly can provide you with meal plans, help you calculate your nutrient intake and offer more detailed recommendations to improve your wellness. To find out more about Welly, click here.

How to Make the Most of Vivoo's Advice System?

Two parts are very important for Vivoo's recommendation mechanism: keeping your personal information up to date and conducting the urine test according to the instructions.

Keep Your Personal Information Up to Date

Since our advice algorithm not only relies on urine test data, keeping your personal information up to date is the most important step.

Once you take your Vivoo test, our recommendation system takes into account your personal information, including your age, goal, weight, height, biological sex, activity level, and most importantly, your dietary choices and chronic disease history.

Parameter advice is primarily determined based on your urine results. However, if you've chosen specific dietary preferences and indicated any existing chronic disease in your profile, and these choices are relevant to the wellness parameter in question, you will receive personalized advice accordingly.

For instance, if you're on a ketogenic diet but didn't select this diet from the eating habits options in the Vivoo application under the settings page, the app won't be aware of your primary reason for monitoring the ketone parameter. As a result, you won't have access to specific ketone scores or tailored advice for the ketogenic diet.

OR, if you have lactose intolerance but haven't informed the Vivoo App about it, you might receive advice recommending foods that contain lactose, leading to undesirable situations.

On the other hand, healthy eating advice is personalized, depending on the information you provide. If you're following a specific diet, Vivoo will offer meal recommendations tailored to that diet. Likewise, considering your medical history, you'll receive both meal suggestions and information that suit your unique needs.

For this reason, always update your personal information before taking a new Vivoo test.

Follow Test Instructions for the Most Accurate Results 

Vivoo provides a user manual in each urine test package. Following the instructions to conduct the test is crucial for accurate readings and determining urine results. This is because the advice is tailored based on urine results, and incorrect test administration will also impact the effectiveness of the provided advice in meeting your personal needs.

Here are some key pointers to keep in mind:

  • Use before the expiration date.
  • Keep each test in the sealed pouch until use.
  • Don't touch the colored boxes of the strips.
  • Make sure you urinate on every square on the strip.
  • Make sure all colored squares are wet after urinating.
  • Take care to avoid droplets or shadows on the strip when taking photos.

Enhance Your Vivoo Experience with Advice Functions

After completing your Vivoo test and reviewing your parameter results, be sure to check out the advice provided on your advice screen.

Your top priority should be the advice with the red label. Look through all your parameter advice and decide when you'll follow these recommendations during the week. If needed, use the "Remind Me" button to set up reminders for future actions.

Remember, some suggestions can be made more than once a week.

The water advice will always tell you the amount of water you should drink daily, so make sure to track your daily water intake consistently.

In addition to the parameters, your healthy meal recommendations are personalized based on your profile details. You can incorporate them into your meal plans for the week.

Once you've completed each piece of advice, don't forget to mark it as "Complete" within the app. This helps the algorithm get to know you better, improving the quality and personalization of future advice.

Furthermore, feel free to provide feedback on the advice at any time. Our team regularly reviews these to make improvements based on your feedback.

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Nutrition Specialist, Esra Kozan

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How Does the Recommendation System Work?

What Can I Do After I Receive Advice?

How Do I Make the Most of Vivoo's Advice System?

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