12 Best At-Home Workouts You Can Do Without Any Equipment
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12 Best At-Home Workouts You Can Do Without Any Equipment

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Written by Vivoo Editors and reviewed by Head of Wellness, Murat Koç on Jun 7, 2022.

As we start to spend more time at home, we might lose track of our meal schedule, daily routine and physical activity. At times like these, you may give yourself time to process what is going on and ensure your mental wellbeing. After this vital step, you may try to adjust to your normal physical activity. Especially while we feel overwhelmed, our savior will be at-home workouts, which will help us to sustain both our mental and physical health. After gaining physical strength back, you will feel more motivated, thus you will go through struggles easier. To help you start exercising at home, here are 12 at-home workouts you can do without any equipment.


First, let’s start with a warm-up. This step is essential to prepare your body for both your at-home workouts and gym workouts. Your warm-up dilates blood vessels to give muscles the oxygen they need for the workout and flexes them. You need to raise your heart rate slowly, so start with a low heart rate cardio to prepare both your respiratory and circulatory systems. Five to ten minutes of warm-up will be sufficient, keeping in mind that if you are planning to do an intense workout, you need to increase the warm up time. 

1. Squat

A nicely done squat works your lower body muscles, especially the glutes and thighs. First, place your feet in alignment with your shoulders, and angle toes 30 degrees outward. Tuck your abs in, look forward and squat down. 


  • Don’t give your weight to your knees, focus on your glutes.
  • Heels must always stay on the floor.
  • Your knees shouldn’t point forward or inward.
  • Your knees shouldn’t pass over your toes.
  • Keep your lower back neutral, don’t arch or hunch it.

If you want to try some different variations, you can do sumo squats or squat side leg lifts.

2. Split Lunge 

The split lunge is another good exercise for glutes, thighs, and also works the calves, so it works the full lower body. Basically, you step one leg forward and lunge, keeping your upper body straight and face looking forward. Lunge until your knees make a 90-degree angle and then push through your front leg to get back to starting position.


  • Your front knee shouldn’t pass your toes.
  • Your weight should be on your front heel, not on your knee or lower back.

If you want to go one step further, you can perform a reverse lunge, or add some weight with water bottles.

3. Bridge

For the bridge, you may use a mat or a rug to have a softer surface for your back. Lie on your back and bend your knees while your feet are on the ground. Raise your core to make a straight line from your head to knees and squeeze your glutes at the top. Finally, lower your core down to the starting position. The bridge exercise will work your glutes, back, and abs.


  • Don’t over-arch your back, try to maintain the straight line.
  • Your feet should fully touch the ground, don’t raise your heels.

4.Russian Twist

Russian twists are a great exercise to work your core, and especially the abs. Start by sitting on the floor, bending your knees while your feet are on the ground. Lower your back 45 degrees, keeping it straight. Rotate your upper body while keeping your abs tight.


  • There should be a straight line through the pelvis, back, and neck.
  • You can add weight to your hands, or raise your legs from the floor to work your abs deeper.

5. Plank

The plank is one of the best at-home workouts that use your own body weight to work your abs, core, chest, and arms. Start by getting on all fours. You can either do planks on your hands or forearms. Stretch your legs behind you and stay there as long as you can. 


  • Arms should be parallel to each other.
  • Legs and upper body should form a straight line. Don’t curve or hunch your back.

6. Mountain Climber

Mountain climbers are a good exercise to raise your body heat, is effective for cardio and works your abs and arms. Start by getting into a plank position on your hands, pulling your alternating knees toward your abs. If you are a beginner, you can start slowly, and when you want to increase the heat, pull your knees faster like you are running. 


  • Your back should be straight.
  • Arms should align with shoulders and must be kept straight.

7. Leg Drop

To start, lie on your back and raise your legs straight. Then, with your core engaged, lower your legs as low as possible. With this at-home workout, you will work your lower abs, an area generally neglected in normal workouts. 


  • Don't arch your back. if you need support, put your hands under your lower back.

8. Superman 

Laying face down, stretch your arms parallel to your head with your palms facing the floor. Engaging your core, lift your arms and legs up to the highest point you can without hurting yourself.


  • Be careful with your neck and your back.
  • Don’t push yourself too much.

9. Push up

A classic push up will work your arms and chest very effectively and increase body heat. It's one of the exercises that is suitable for at-home workouts because none of the variations require any equipment. Just get into the plank position and slowly lower your body and then get back to plank.


  • Your arms should align with your shoulders.
  • Form a straight line through your head to your heels.
  • Don’t hunch or arch your back.

If you want to do an easier version, you can place your knees on the floor.

10. Fire Hydrant

One of the best exercises for glutes is definitely the fire hydrant, and we believe you will feel the burn immediately. First, get into the tabletop position and lift one leg up in a bent position. Lower your leg and repeat the exercise with the other leg.


  • Your back should be neutral.
  • Be careful with the knee on the floor, you might want to place a rug under your knees.
  • Arms should align with shoulders.

11. Tricep dip

Don’t forget your arms and triceps during your at-home practice. For the triceps dip, you only need a chair or a low table. Place your hands on the chair or table, while your back is turned to it. Lower your body and then push yourself up using your triceps. If you want a more challenging version, increase the distance between your heels and chair.


  • Keep your back straight.
  • Don't put your weight on your knees.

12. Quadruped Limb Raises

Quadruped limb raises mainly work your muscles along your spine, which will extend your torso. This at-home workout is also good for your balance. Let’s start by getting into the tabletop position, knees, and hands on the floor. Extend your right arm and left leg, forming a straight line from your heel to the tip of your hand and hold it for 2 seconds. Then get back to the tabletop position and repeat with the left arm and right leg. 


  • Your spine should be neutral.
  • You may put something soft, like a mat, under your knees.
  • Be careful with your neck.

You can perform these at home-workout sets of 12x3 or adjust the numbers according to your comfort level.

Cool Down 

Finally, let's close our at-home workout with a cool down. After the workout, your heart rate and body temperature are still high and blood vessels are dilated. Now, you need to lower them slowly. Stretching is a good option for this.  Stretching helps to reduce the lactic acid in your muscles and can help reduce cramping and soreness.

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Vivoo Editor

Written by Vivoo Editors and reviewed by Head of Wellness, Murat Koç on Jun 7, 2022.

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