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Vivoo Activity Box

Vivoo's activity parameter determines your activity levels based on your number of steps and burned calories. Being physically active is essential for reaching your optimal wellness as it reduces the risk of possible health problems and helps you maintain a healthy weight.

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Engaging in regular physical activity is important for maintaining your well-being, body weight, and mood. Everyone can reap the benefits of activity regardless of age, weight, size, or ability. Getting active every day is a sure way to keep most health problems away.


Recommended Amount of Activity for Adults 

Any adult needs to engage in two kinds of physical activity on a weekly basis to improve their wellness: anaerobic activity (strengthening muscles) and aerobic activity. 

According to the CDC, adults need to engage in at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week to be healthy. It may sound a little much, but it is easy enough to do if you break it down into 30 minutes of intense and mild exercise 5 days a week.  

A New Approach to Tracking Your Physical Activity: Wearable Technologies

Wearable technologies are any small devices, like smartwatches or wristbands, which you might wear while working out. Fitness enthusiasts worldwide use wearable technologies today to track and boost their performance and improve their health. 

You can also use wearable technologies to help you understand your daily activity. You can keep track of how long you’ve been working out, count your steps, and calculate the calories you’ve burned based on your body composition. Once you have collected this data, you can link your wearable to another device to view your results.


Here are some of the key advantages of using wearable technologies:

  • Support with setting and meeting physical activity goals
  • Boosted motivation
  • Monitoring your heart rate
  • Minimizing overtraining

Vivoo’s Activity Box

Vivoo's activity box determines your activity level based on the number of steps and calories you’ve burned throughout the day. 

  • The number of steps: The activity box counts each step you take while using your wearable integrations by detecting the motion of your hands, hips, or legs. It acts as a wearable pedometer to calculate the number of steps you take while working out.
  • The number of calories burned: The activity box also counts the number of calories you burn while engaging in exercise, such as when you are walking, swimming, and bicycling. You burn more calories when you are active.

Possible Results


If your activity level is great, it means you’ve either already met or exceeded the daily recommended number of steps and calories. You are less likely to experience risks related to low activity, such as weight gain.


If your activity result is good, it means the number of steps you’ve taken and the calories you’ve burned are within the acceptable range. 

Here are some of the key advantages of engaging in physical activity:

  • Keeps you fit
  • Keeps health problems away: Engaging in physical activity every day lowers your risk of contracting heart problems.
  • Lifts your mood: Exercise boosts endorphins, improving your mood and reducing the risk of low mood and anxiety.
  • Stabilizes your mental health
  • Increases your bone and muscle strength
  • Improves your sleep: When you exercise, you are more likely to have a more consistent sleep schedule. It can help you fall asleep more quickly and get a more restful night of sleep.


If your activity level is moderate, you might have had a day where you moved around a bit, but there's still room for you to go on a 30-minute walk or 15-minute jog. 



If your activity level is low, you've likely had a day where you didn’t move very much. You might have only engaged in simple activities like walking the dog, going shopping, watering plants, or cleaning the house. Having low activity levels in the long term might increase the risk of gaining weight


If your activity level is weak, the chances are that you’ve been quite sedentary today. You are likely spending little time engaging in exercise, which is raising your risk of contracting decreased sleep quality, feelings of fatigue, and low mood.

Tips for Having a Good Activity Level 

Even if you think there’s no way you can spread your activity level throughout the week, the truth is that it is possible. Split your activity into a few short sessions to get the benefits of working out throughout the day. Here are some more tips for boosting your activity level:

  • Take the stairs: Avoid using an elevator and choose the stairs instead if you need to go upstairs, especially if it is for a short distance like to the third or fourth floor.
  • Ditch the parking lot: Try parking your car a bit further away from the office to give yourself a chance to walk or jog for a bit.
  • Walk and talk: Make it a habit to call your family and friends on the phone while you walk.  There’s no need to be glued to your phone for hours while sitting on the chair.
  • A 10-minute walk: If you’re working from home, do a 10-minute workout during your mental breaks. This will help you to boost your brainpower and heart rate.
  • Take a walk in the park: Take an evening walk to the park with your dog, your spouse or partner, or your friend. Walking with the people you care about is a simple activity to make you feel good.
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