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Vivoo Insider Talks with Bal?m

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Vivoo Insider Talks

This week, we have Bal?m, our head of R&D at Vivoo as our guest on Vivoo Insider Talks! She has been with Vivoo since its beginning and has contributed significantly to the scientific development of the product. 

She is also a wellness enthusiast in her personal life. Let's hear what she has to say about her wellness journey and Vivoo!

1) Can you introduce yourself in a few sentences? 

Hello! My name is Bal?m. I am the Research & Development (R&D) manager at Vivoo. I am a 28 year old bioengineer.  My bioengineering background has created  a habit  where I am constantly trying to find solutions to the difficulties and problems that people experience in their daily lives.

I have ADHD, so I have done a lot of research on this and gained knowledge on it so that I can develop a better understanding of how to cope.

I have an extremely sweet calico cat named Grape.

I love getting up early and trying different recipes, especially for breakfast, which I believe is the most important meal of the day.

2) What do you do at Vivoo and how long have you been with Vivoo? What do you like about Vivoo?

I have been working as the R&D manager at Vivoo since 2017. As a company that aims to help people in their wellness journeys and make body data available for all, I love to touch people's lives. It makes me happy to think that we can improve their lives, even just a little bit. I can say that this is my life’s purpose!

3) Can you describe your daily routine? 

I like to get up early in the morning and make some time for myself. I prepare myself a Mediterranean breakfast every morning, where I put olive oil in EVERYTHING. I get my olive oil exclusively from the Mediterranean region. I find it difficult to follow a fixed diet program, though I would say that I generally follow the Mediterranean diet. Besides this, I add a salad to every meal because I like to get my minerals from green herbs and vegetables.

I love hiking, walking outdoors, and taking care of my cat, which I see as a kind of meditation.

I am a regular Vivoo user. It's kind of crazy, but I test with Vivoo almost every day.

4) What is your favorite wellness routine that you are obsessed with these days?

I have a huge obsession and love for chemistry :D Because of this, I love to read the manuals of skincare products, try to examine them, and track their effects on my body. You can talk to me about sunscreens and skin care any time, whether it be about their general information or about its specific chemical effects.

I love swimming and swim 3 times a week. If I’m at the beach, you’re more likely to see me jumping in the water than anywhere else. I find that it is very good for my body and brain and that it relaxes me.

5) What is 1 tip you would give to people who want to start leading a healthier lifestyle?

Regular exercise is key. Even if nothing else, take a 30-45 min walk every day. Eating salads with lots of olive oil and seeds is another tip I would give. Olive oil is great for you since it contains vitamin A, D, K, and E;, has anti-aging benefits; and is great for heart health! 

6) What is your favorite thing about Vivoo as a product? 

It’s a product that is designed to help people. It’s a wellness tool that can be used from the comfort of your home and provides you with information about your body. I love that we have made people’s lives easier and made body data widely accessible for an affordable price. 

7) How regularly do you test with Vivoo? 

I am the person who takes the most tests in the office! I take tests every day, sometimes every other day. When I take a test every other day, I am able to analyze the test results myself without scanning my test strip on the App, because I can understand the color changes just from looking. I learned how to read the color changes on the strip while developing the strip’s image processing technology :)

8) How do you generally score on your Vivoo test? What is your top score to date? 

I am very careful with my diet, and I even got 10 points once. I generally invite others in the office to do a Vivoo challenge with me where we compare our wellness scores with each other. Most of the time, I beat the others since my scores are generally high. :D The person with the lowest wellness score in the office treats us to a round of fruit.

9) We know that you love all the wellness parameters on the Vivoo test. :) But which one is your favorite and why? 

Of course, I like every parameter. We developed each of these parameters and shared these with our users after an intense process of doing research and repeated experiments. 

Since I am careful of my water consumption, I pay the most attention to my hydration levels the most. After this, I would say my favorite parameter is calcium - I don’t consume milk or any dairy products, so I find it useful to check whether I am getting enough calcium from the salmon, greens, and supplements that I have on a regular basis.

10) What is your biggest motivation that keeps you testing? 

Vivoo has created an inner source of motivation for me to eat healthy & keep pressing forward on my wellness journey. Though my diet sometimes slips, Vivoo helps me stay on track. 

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