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Vivoo Wellness Talks with Lisa!

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This month on Vivoo Wellness Talks, we have one of our beloved Vivooers, Lisa, who we met recently at the Paleo f(x) in Houston. 

She is a holistic personal trainer and loves to use Vivoo, benefitting from the real-time data that helps her know whether she is truly able to meet her wellness goals through her daily efforts. 

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1. Tell us about yourself and what you do in a few words. 

I’m Lisa Tom, a holistic personal trainer located in the Bay Area. I always say the more you know about your unique biology, the better you can implement strategies to improve your body both internally and externally. For me, the non-scale victories of my clients are the most gratifying part of my job.

2. How do you feel about your current state of wellness?

I feel like there’s ALWAYS room for improvement. But using Vivoo has been a game-changer that has helped me feel more resilient so that I can work on figuring out what works and doesn’t for improving my wellness score.

3. What does a typical day look like for you when it comes to investing in your wellness?

I always start by moving my lymphatic system - a perfect morning (mind you, I have a toddler) is dry brushing and getting into the infrared sauna for 30 minutes or using my vibration plate for 10 minutes, depending on the day. I also try to get in some exercise, whether it be by stretching or foam rolling. Since using the App and keeping track of my wellness through it, I’ve consistently gotten acidic pH levels. Because of this, I’ve been drinking lemon water daily. I love seeing how my pH level on the App is coming out more as optimal, as well as seeing my vitamin C numbers improve.

Balance in life is a priority for me, as it makes me a better trainer, mom, friend, and wife. I try to make time for some type of self-care and never feel guilty about it— you can’t pour into other people’s cups when yours is empty. ??

4. How did you come across Vivoo?

At the 2022 Paleo f(x) this year— I tried it while traveling and saw how dehydrated and acidic my numbers were (I was also eating BBQ twice a day in Texas ). I realized there was nothing like Vivoo on the market, and wanted to be a part of this to help myself and my friends, family, clients, and followers — I’m known for Biohacking and trying new things first.  I also loved the concept of being able to use the App from the comfort of my own home for a very reasonable price point that almost anyone can afford.

5. How has your Vivoo experience been & how has it contributed to your overall wellness?

It has made me more aware of the need to work on my pH levels, as well as be consistent with drinking electrolytes (for salinity). Plus, l like to test during different times in my monthly cycle to see what I might be lacking or need to work on.

6. What is your favorite thing about the Vivoo App?

How easy it is! It’s also very travel-friendly, and l appreciate that the App shares actionable suggestions on how to boost your wellness score.

7. What encourages you to continue on your Vivoo journey?

The quest to live a long and better life — and my deep desire to do my best and have a synergistic body from the inside out. I'm so happy that I can share Vivoo with others. Now you don’t need to go to a lab or beg your doctor to order testing — you can do it right here, right now, in 90 seconds, and find out loads of information.

8. Would you recommend Vivoo? What’s your biggest advice for your friends who are looking to start a better lifestyle?

Absolutely I would! Especially those who may be working and eating healthy and still having issues or not meeting their wellness goals. I even gave one Vivoo strip to my mom, and I am constantly on her case for not drinking enough water. Her water and sodium score was so low to start with, but since testing, she’s bought a big glass pitcher and is drinking water infused with fruit. She never listened to me in the past but has changed her habits since seeing her numbers using Vivoo.

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