pH Test

pH Test

Unlock the power of pH balance for optimal results with the Vivoo pH Test! Our revolutionary at-home test strips reveal the secrets of your body's internal environment, empowering you to make informed wellness decisions. 
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What is pH Test?

Maintaining a balanced pH level

Achieving and maintaining a balanced pH level in your body is essential for optimal health and vitality. Every aspect of your well-being, from digestion and immunity to energy levels and overall wellness, is intricately tied to this delicate equilibrium. With our innovative at-home test strips, uncovering your body's pH levels has never been easier or more convenient.


Get Your pH Results in 15 Seconds

In just 15 seconds, our test strips provide you with invaluable insights into your body's pH balance, empowering you to make informed decisions about yourself. By monitoring your pH levels regularly, you can take proactive steps to support your body's natural balance and optimize your overall well-being.


Assess Your Body's pH Levels & Log Results

Whether you're striving to enhance your digestive health, boost your immune system, or simply increase your energy levels, our test strips offer a simple yet powerful tool to help you achieve your goals. Log your results to keep track of your body.


How to Use?

Take a strip out of the bottle and close the cap tightly.

Catch urine mid-stream on the colored box of the strip.

If you prefer to use a collector, avoid soaking the colored boxes for more than 2-5 seconds.

After using the test strip, wait 15 seconds for the results.

Compare the color of the test strip with the color chart.

Download the Vivoo wellness app and log your data to track your results and gain insights.


What Is Urine pH Test?

Urine is essentially a waste product of the body, containing water, salts, and other undesired components and compounds that the body does not require. The chemical balance of these substances has a significant impact on the acidity levels of the urine sample. These acidity levels are measured in pH by medical professionals.   

 The pH, often known as the urine pH level, is a measurement of the acidity or alkalinity of a urine sample. Thus, a urine pH level test determines if a urine sample is alkaline or acidic.

The urine pH scale is frequently used by doctors to determine the pH level of a urine sample.

What Does Urine's pH Indicate?

A urine pH level indicates the degree to which a urine sample is alkaline or acidic. This allows the healthcare professional to determine whether you have an infection or other health issues.

What Is a Normal Urine PH?

Urine's standard average pH is 6.0. As a result, a healthy urine pH level will fall within this range.

Why Is Urine pH Balance Important?

There is a pH level at which your bodily systems perform optimally. For example, your digestive and excretory systems function best in conditions that are alkaline. As a result, if your body's pH level rises or falls above this appropriate range, you become vulnerable to a variety of scenarios. As a result, some people alter their eating habits in order to balance their urine pH readings. You can adjust your body's pH by doing a Vivoo pH test.