Protein Test

Protein Test

Vivoo's Protein Test provides results in just 60 seconds, equipping you with the insights needed to make informed decisions and achieve your wellness goals. 
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What is Protein Test?

Track Your Protein Levels in 60 Seconds

Unlock a deeper understanding of your body's unique protein needs with the Vivoo Protein Test. This convenient at-home test empowers you to actively participate in your wellness journey by providing fast, accurate results in just 60 seconds.


Experience the Ease of Use

With the Vivoo Protein Test, you can easily track your levels from the comfort of your own home! Our test is designed for ease of use, allowing you to get information about your protein levels with minimal effort.


Track Your Progress, Understand Your Body

Log your results in the dedicated app to track your protein levels, trends, and gain valuable insights into your body's unique needs.


How to Use?

Take a strip out of the bottle and close the cap tightly.

Urinate during mid-stream on the colored box of the strip.

If you prefer to use a collector, avoid soaking the colored boxes for more than 2-5 seconds.

After using the test strip, wait 60 seconds for the results.

Compare the color of the test strip with the color chart to get your results.

Download the Vivoo wellness app and log your data to track your results and gain insights.


What is the Function of Protein in Urine Tests?

A protein in urine test is frequently performed as part of a urinalysis, which measures the numerous cells, molecules, and substances found in your urine. Urinalysis is used to assess your general state of wellness. This test can also be used to identify or rule out issues with the kidneys, among other things.

Why Does Protein Show Up in Urine?

Your kidneys do a great job of filtering waste from your blood. Protein, being good stuff, shouldn't show up in the filtered liquid (urine). However, under some conditions like dehydration, intense exercise, and even emotional stress, the filters might allow a tiny bit of protein to slip through.

How Much Protein is Normally Found in Urine?

While normally there shouldn't be protein in your urine, small amounts can appear in temporary situations like dehydration or extreme temperatures. Don't be alarmed by occasional protein in your pee; it's often temporary and harmless.

Track your levels with Vivoo tests for peace of mind. For healthy individuals, urine protein is typically undetectable. However, temporary factors like dehydration or temperature extremes can cause minor elevations. These typically resolve quickly and are not a cause for concern. Vivoo urine tests offer a convenient way of tracking your urine protein levels.

What If My Test Shows High Protein Levels?

Don't panic! Occasional protein presence in urine might not be a big concern, as factors like dehydration can temporarily cause this occurrence.

Certain conditions can lead to a temporary increase in urine protein, including:

  • Extreme temperatures (hot or cold)
  • Emotional stress
  • Dehydration
  • Fever

This result serves as a signal to assess your situation. You can always take a Vivoo Protein Test to track your results.