Sodium Test (3 Month Subscription)

Sodium Test (3 Month Subscription)

Vivoo Sodium Test – Your key to understanding your body's unique needs. Sodium plays a crucial role in blood pressure and fluid balance. Track your levels and make informed dietary choices. Get instant insights into your sodium levels with Vivoo's at-home urine test.
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What is Sodium Test?

Track Your Sodium Levels in 60 Seconds

Are you curious about your unique sodium needs? Sodium plays a vital role in regulating your blood pressure and maintaining proper fluid balance within your body. Understanding your individual sodium levels can empower you to make informed dietary choices and achieve optimal wellness.


Manage Sodium Intake for Optimal Wellness

Vivoo makes understanding your sodium balance simple and convenient. With just a quick test, you can gain valuable insights into your sodium level in under 60 seconds.


Track Your Progress

Log your results in the Vivoo app. Track your sodium levels over time, observing how dietary adjustments affect your internal balance. Gain valuable insights into your body's unique needs and preferences.


How to Use?

Take a strip out of the bottle and close the cap tightly.

Urinate during mid-stream on the colored box of the strip.

If you prefer to use a collector, avoid soaking the colored box for more than 2-5 seconds.

After using the test strip, wait 60 seconds for the results.

Compare the color of the test strip with the color chart.

Download the Vivoo wellness app and log your data to track your results and gain insights.


How to Check for Low Sodium Levels With Vivoo Sodium Test

Urine test strips work based on ion exchange technology. When you dip the strip into a urine sample, the sodium ions in the urine interact with the strip's material, causing an exchange of ions. 

The strip then changes color, and by comparing the color change with a color chart provided with the kit, you can estimate your sodium levels. Also, you can log your results to the app and track your results easily.

How Long Does It Take to Get Results?

Track your levels and make informed dietary choices with our sodium test! Get instant insights into your sodium levels in 60 seconds.

How Does Urine Extraction Change With Increased Sodium Intake?

Salt is a crucial electrolyte source that governs the essential activities of the human body and is made up of sodium chloride. Ionized sodium chloride is detected in urine, and urine sodium shows the amount of sodium in the sodium chloride. Table salt accounts for the majority of your daily sodium intake. In other words, the amount of sodium in your urine is a good predictor of your salt intake.

When Should You Check Your Sodium Levels?

The amount of sodium in your urine might vary greatly depending on what you consume during the day. As a result, your sodium levels may vary over time. The main thing is to attempt to keep your sodium levels stable over time. To accomplish this, try checking your sodium levels at home on a regular basis under the same conditions.

Salt causes your body to react rapidly (particularly since it is the most abundant dietary source), so you can typically notice if you're getting too much or too little. If you suspect something is wrong, get your sodium levels evaluated as soon as possible.