Vivoo App Just Got A Whole Lot Better ?

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Vivoo App Just Got A Whole Lot Better ?

Introducing the all-new Vivoo app. Deeper wellness insights. New ways to share wellness data with your loved ones, make sense of changes in your wellness, and understand what’s best for you. And so much more.

We’ve worked so, so hard on this release – and can’t wait for you to experience Vivoo 2.0!

Get to know Vivoo 2.0

Here’s a tiny sampling of our new features. Explore how they can level up your wellness journey.

?? Stay on top of your trends.

Vivoo 2.0’s new advanced trend analysis lets you see how your wellness metrics (e.g., urine ketone levels) change over weeks, months, and years. The more you understand your body data, the more empowered you are to take action.

?? Be the leading expert on you.

Reports, with all their terminologies, can be frustratingly difficult to understand. Vivoo 2.0 translates your wellness data – while making sure to simplify the complex – into actionable insights, so becoming the best version of you is a breeze.

?? Gamification for extra motivation.

Vivoo 2.0 is now massively motivating. Thanks to new gamification features, you’ll see all your progress (e.g., “you’re 5% more hydrated than last week!” and metrics more clearly. Taking charge of your wellness has never been this fun – or enjoyable.

?? Tap into wellness resources.

With the curation of relevant blog posts, Vivoo 2.0 helps you gain all the knowledge you need to meet your wellness goals – so you stay well-versed in your wellness journey. It’s everything you need in one app; perfect when you’re tired of navigating millions of tabs.

?? Nutrition at your fingertips.

Unlock detailed nutritional information. Vivoo 2.0 now makes it possible for you to quickly – and easily – access macronutrient breakdowns (i.e., amount of fats, protein, and carbs) for any food, so you always know what you're putting in your body.

?? Sharing is caring.

Vivoo 2.0’s spanking new ‘Invite Friends’ button allows you to help people you care about most take charge of their  wellness, too – in just a single click. Plus, you know what they say: everything is more fun when you have company.

?? Organize and plan your time.

Easily see upcoming events – and stay on top of your schedule with Vivoo 2.0's updated calendar. Keep track of everything that's going on in one place. You're in control. Always. Now, that's something to smile about.


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