The Top 3 Ways That You Can Improve Your Wellness Using the Vivoo App

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The Top 3 Ways That You Can Improve Your Wellness Using the Vivoo App

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The Vivoo app is revolutionizing the way that people are able to take care of their bodies. Instead of going to a doctor’s office and having to wait to get test results, people can use Vivoo strips to test their body’s overall health right at home. After using a urine strip, people have the opportunity to check what their body needs more or less right from an app on their phone. Not only is Vivoo convenient, but it can also play a vital role in a person’s overall health, wellness, and nutrition.

Vivoo strips, as well as the app, may be able to tell you something about your body that you didn't know before. If you haven’t used Vivoo strips, it will be worth your while to do so. This post will detail the top 3 ways that the Vivvo app can improve your overall health and nutrition.

Improve Your Health to Become a Better You Using Vivoo

Vivoo strips and the Vivoo app are ideal for anybody that wants to improve their overall health. Whether you are a college student, a mother of three, or even a person that is utilizing in-home senior care, you will benefit from all Vivoo has to offer. The Vivoo app has various benefits such as:

  • Tracking UTIs
  • Tracking infections in the body
  • Monitoring liver function
  • Monitoring kidney function

In addition to these outstanding benefits, Vivoo also can play a key role in improving your body’s nutrition; here’s how:

1.   Track Your Ketones

Ketones are crucial in the body’s overall health and wellness as they are chemicals that the body creates when it breaks down fat to use as energy. In other words, the body makes ketones when it doesn't have enough stored glucose, also known as sugar, into energy. For most people, their body only produces a small number of ketones (with the exception of those doing a ketogenic diet or those suffering from a chronic condition).

Ketones that are not used for energy will spill into the urine and when using Vivoo strips to improve your health, you will be able to track your ketones. Ketone?s come? ?in? ?two? ?main? ?forms:? ?BHB? ?and? ?AcAc.? ?BHB? ?is? ?the? ?dominant? ?ketone? ?and? ?increases? ?relative? ?to? ?AcAc? ?during? ?ketosis; Vivoo strips measure the urine’s acetoacetate (AcAc) level to determine whether or not there are too many ketones in it or not.

Vivoo strips can improve your health by letting you know if you have high levels of ketones in your urine which are dangerous for the body. Too many ketones may also be a sign of diabetes.

2.   Understand How PH is Linked to Nutrition

Vivoo strips measure the urine’s acidity and alkalinity levels which are determined by the body’s fruit, vegetable, and meat intake. The pH of urine provides valuable information about how one’s diet is impacting his or her overall health, especially in regard to the kidneys.

Vivoo strips will be able to tell you if your urine is acidic, alkaline, or optimal and will be able to offer suggestions as to what foods to eat to improve your pH balance which will improve your health.

3.   Check Your Hydration

Hydration is key to living a healthy life and maintaining a healthy diet. When one isn’t hydrated, not only will the body not perform at an optimal level, it will also likely feel lethargic and weak. Hydration has a direct impact on our heart, muscles, and brain and is also imperative for flushing our body of bad bacteria. However, staying hydrated can be challenging for some people. In fact, many people are dehydrated and don’t even know it. Vivoo strips are a solution to this issue.

Vivoo strips will analyze your hydration level and will tell you:

  • How to reach your optimal hydrated stated
  • What you can do to stay hydrated
  • How much water you should drink every day
  • How to maintain your electrolytes

Vivoo strips will measure the urine’s specific gravity to provide you with specific information about your hydration status. It will be in your best interest to take advantage of this information in order to improve your health.

Take Advantage of Vivoo Strips Today

Vivoo strips may be able to tell you things about your body you didn’t know and may even be able to help you understand things you didn’t understand before about why you feel a certain way. Don’t wait at doctor’s offices to find out what your body needs more or less of, find out right in the comfort of your own home. The Vivoo app will give you quick results in order to help you become the healthiest you possible. With the information you find, make it a point to try to improve your nutrition and then retest using Vivoo strips and the Vivoo app.


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