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Vivoo Insider Talks with Nida 

This week, we have Nida as our guest at Insider Talks. She is our Social Media & Community Manager; Nida is responsible for all our social media platforms and leads the Facebook community group of Vivoo.

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Let's hear what she has to say about her wellness journey and Vivoo!

1) Can you introduce yourself in a few sentences?

Hello. My name is Nida; I am 35 years old. I work as Vivoo’s Social Media and Community Manager. I’ve been in this field for quite a while, previously I was involved in the content, social media, and creative process of various companies and TV channels.  Being creative in solving problems at work and at home, as well as loving swimming and cats have been my favorite pastimes for as long as I can remember... I'm so glad my love of nature and sports can be put to use at Vivoo.

As a Gemini, I am someone who talks a lot, loves shopping and makeup, and of course, sleeping in! 

2) What do you do at Vivoo, and how long have you been with the company? What do you like about Vivoo?

I have been working at Vivoo since April 2022. I oversee the content published on all social media channels, photoshoots, and everything you see in our Facebook community.  What I like about Vivoo is that we prioritize the creative process instead of cliche social media and community practices and always strive for genuine communication with our customers. I personally benefited in my role here in that I learned a lot about nutrition, especially from our consumer questions and the research I do to prepare the creatives. I can definitely say that I am much more knowledgeable about nutrition and wellness, compared to 7 months ago, thanks to this role.

3) Can you describe your daily routine? 

My day is spent checking my phone before I get out of bed because that's my job! Since childhood, I have never been able to eat anything as soon as I wake up, so I usually have breakfast with avocado at noon. I plan the day ahead of time so I can spend quality time with my cats and my husband. There is an endless competition between my husband and I when it comes to our Vivoo results; we do it every week!  I'm usually the winner these days, but I do lose from time to time... I go swimming twice a week and try to walk for 30 to 40 minutes daily. I have TV series, movies, and documentaries I follow religiously so I make sure to catch up with  them. I try to read at least 30 to 40 articles a week, especially about social media and recent trends. I also started reading more about nutrition, science, and wellness since I joined the Vivoo team.

4) What is your favorite wellness routine that you are obsessed with these days?

Skincare, getting enough sleep at night, swimming, and aromatherapy make up my go-to wellness routine. I have a routine that I do with lavender oil, where I use a couple of drops after taking my shower. It really relaxes me before bedtime. As a fibromyalgia patient, it is very important that I regularly work my muscles. Sometimes I use the oil for massages. I love essential oils since you can use them in such diverse ways– and they really stimulate your mind too. Lavender greatly soothes my stress, I love it!

5) What is one tip you would give to someone who wants to start leading a healthier lifestyle?

I recommend that they cook their meals at home, choose an exercise style that works for them, and drink plenty of water. Until I came to Vivoo, I had a problem; I wasn't drinking enough water! However, after testing with Vivoo regularly, I started watching my hydration more closely, and I understood how important it is to keep your hydration optimal since it majorly impacts your body. 

6) What is your favorite thing about Vivoo as a product? 

Making you realize many things in your body that you may not even notice! I would never have been able to make sense of what my body was telling me, especially during PMS or stressful  times. Now I can find an answer to many questions about my wellness, thanks to the real-time data that I get through the at-home test. This is one of the most outstanding values Vivoo can add to your life; you can learn to truly listen to yourself and your body.

7) How regularly do you test with Vivoo? 

I always take my weekly test around the same time each week, I never want to skip this! This way, I can plan my week ahead accordingly and have a much better chance to follow the advice Vivoo gives me. For example, after I take my weekly tests, I try to do my shopping according to the advice on the App

8) How do you generally score on your Vivoo test? What is your top score to date? 

My scores usually range between 7.8 and 8.9. I saw 9.2 once and was thrilled! :) I'm also aware that I need to work more on Calcium and Oxidative Stress parameters since they generally score low on my tests! 

9) We know that you love all the wellness parameters on the Vivoo test. :) But which one is your favorite and why? 

Water and Vitamin C are my absolute favorites! Tracking these parameters really helps me improve my wellness, energy levels and mood. Especially with winter coming, I keep close tabs on my Vitamin C to make sure my immune system is staying strong. 

10) What is your biggest motivation that keeps you testing? 

Vivoo is definitely a  great tool to boost your wellness... It is a great companion and helper when I follow the advice, test regularly, and set consistent goals for myself. 

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