Vivoo Wellness Talks: Interview with Beloved Vivooer Colleen

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Vivoo Wellness Talks: Interview with Beloved Vivooer Colleen

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This month on the series of Vivoo Wellness Talks we have integrative life coach, yoga, and meditation teacher Colleen. For some time now, she has been inspiring us with her long-standing journey with Vivoo, and that's why we thought we'd meet up with her to learn more about her journey in creating a healthy and balanced life. 

1. Hi Colleen, please tell us about yourself and what you do.

Hi everyone, I am Colleen, an integrative life coach, yoga and meditation guide. I love supporting my clients to create healthy & balanced lives. My coaching approach supports getting crystal clear on what sparks excitement in your life, living in alignment with your purpose, and finding balance physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Together I work with my clients to redefine how obstacles can become opportunities that guide their transformation. My clients say I provide support with a holistic, non-judgemental, and informed perspective. I guess that is one of the reasons I love Vivoo!

2. What does a typical day look like for you in terms of investing in your wellness?

The number 1 investment I make in myself each day is a good night's sleep, meditation, and yoga. Next, I do the best I can each day to drink enough water, eat whole foods, and spend time in nature.

3. How do you feel about your current state of health and wellness? What are the tools you use to stay on track with your wellness?

The current state is pretty good. I can always use more grounding - by this I mean literally more time putting my feet on the ground and communing with nature. The power and science of grounding have been instrumental in keeping inflammation in the mind and body to a minimum. Tools I use to stay on track are obviously Vivoo, my apple watch to remind me to move when I've been sitting too long, communicating with my body, and meditation.

4. What made you decide to use some of those tools?

For me, they give me good insight and create space for me to care for myself in a more informed way. The combination of tools like Vivoo that literally give voice to my body and aligning that with my own intuition is powerful!

5. How did you come across Vivoo?  What was your first impression?

I don't remember but I am so glad I did. The fact that it doesn’t require me to do anything I am not already doing and that it is quick makes it a go-to tool. I love it... it's simple and the data is very useful.

6. How has Vivoo contributed to your overall wellness, which feature is your favorite?

Honestly, I use all the features, but I rely on it for keeping me on track with hydration and catching any UTI possible issues. I also love that the food examples and suggestions can be customized to plant-based eating... and often the suggestions spark creativity in what I make for family meals.

7. Do you find Vivoo convenient to integrate into your daily life? Do you think Vivoo is user-friendly?

Super user-friendly. It only takes 2 minutes and no data logging or counting calories is needed. The app is simple, and I find the nutritional advice to be actionable and insightful.

8. Now that you have Vivoo, what's the #1 thing you're able to do that you weren't before?

Confirm or uncover wellness areas that I am needing a boost... mainly hydration and detecting pH imbalances.

9. Besides Vivoo, what is your best-kept wellness secret?

I am not sure if they are secret anymore, but I could not live without my grounding products, dandelion blend as a coffee replacement, and essential oils. Each of these contributes to a strong and healthy immune system which I am always looking to keep healthy. 

10. What’s your top advice for your friends who are looking to start a healthier lifestyle? 

Start where you are and make subtle shifts to create real change. Sleep and finding ways to do less are important places to consider in making those first steps. I also believe that all our spaces are connected - mind, body, and home - if you have a mess under your bed you will have a mess in the mind! So making subtle shifts in the direction of your goals can be very impactful. 

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