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VitaminLab Why Maintenance Matters with Supplements | Vivoo Blog

You probably know by now that Vivoo’s at home urine test allows you to test nutrient levels in the urine so that you can supplement accordingly. When you get your test results, the Vivoo App will indicate whether you have “low”, “optimal”, or “great” health parameters; your supplement dosage is then created based on your results. While we’ll always recommend nutrients based on deficiencies, you might also notice that we recommend nutrients that are already in your optimal range—why? Well, we recommend supplements as a complete multivitamin and then adjust dosages based on results from your urine test. Based on scientific literature, we recommend dosages to correct deficiencies if urine tests indicate significantly reduced values. If the urine test indicates that the levels are within normal range, we recommend a maintenance dosage for that ingredient to ensure deficiencies don’t occur.


Since these parameters can be retested easily with Vivoo strips, we are able to track vitamin/mineral levels and adjust supplement formulas accordingly. For example, if your urine test shows your magnesium is low, your formula will include a higher dosage of magnesium. If your urine test shows your magnesium is sufficient we will provide you with a maintenance dose of magnesium in your formula. 

What is soil depletion, why does it matter?

Certain vitamins and minerals can be difficult to obtain from diet alone due to soil depletion. Intensified agricultural practices such as using synthetic fertilizers and monocropping have meant that soil nutrients are in decline. This has led to a decline in trace minerals found in vegetable crops and has compromised the nutritional content of a variety of fruits, vegetables, and grains, while toxic minerals in the soil have increased. GI issues can also arise due to the use of these synthetic fertilizers which make it hard for your body to properly absorb nutrients. Adding a supplement to your health plan ensures you are getting a sufficient amount of nutrients.

What about solubility?

In addition to this, key vitamins such as Vitamin C are water soluble, meaning they must dissolve in water before they can be absorbed by the body, and therefore cannot be stored. This means we must consume them regularly in order to maintain optimal levels. Maintenance can also be lifestyle based. Teens may require different daily dosages during periods of growth and those who follow a specific diet or eating plan will also need to plan their vitamin and mineral intake carefully to ensure they are meeting daily requirements. Vivoo partners with VitaminLab, a truly personalized supplement company, to create personalized supplement formulas based on your Vivoo test strip results.

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How can VitaminLab fit into your health plan?

Once you test your urine levels, VitaminLab is sent information on your nutrient status and our algorithm determines what dosage of each nutrient you require. Unlike generic supplements, with VitaminLab x Vivoo you have the ability to change your ingredients and dosages based on your test results. How?

  1. Take a Vivoo test
  2. Find your formula by clicking “See My Formula” on the “Advice” page within the Vivoo App. The formula displayed here will be based on your first test.
  3. If you need to make adjustments based on subsequent tests, you can book a complimentary consultation with registered nutritionists (valued at $60). Here you have the ability to change your supplement based on your goals and lifestyle and add boosters such as Metabolic Support, Anti-stress and Hair, Skin and Nails to target specific health outcomes.

How the subscription works?

VitaminLab supplement subscriptions are built around 3-month cycles, meaning you get 3-months worth of supplements sent to your door on your first order, and for following refills. Why 3 months? Research shows it can take up to 3-months of consistent dosing for the effects of a new formula to take place on a cellular level. Before your 3-months is up, we suggest checking in with one of VitaminLab’s in-house nutritionists to analyze your latest Vivoo results so that you can make any recommended changes to your formula before your next shipping date. Since you have the option to take weekly tests with your Vivoo strips, if you notice any day-to-day deficiencies, make sure you’re including foods that will help give you a boost. These recommendations can be found directly in the Vivoo App. Supplements are designed to improve deficiencies over time. We’ve purposely designed it this way so that your formula can evolve as you do.

Interested in learning more about your personalized supplement options and how Vivoo and VitaminLab can help optimize your health? We’re happy to assist! Reach out with any questions or if you need help to further customize your formula.

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